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January 10, 2021

Reciprocal System Explanation of X-Ray Bubble Structure of the Milky Way

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Anton Petrov’s YouTube video shows the observations:

The Reciprocal System explanation is quite obvious, whereas the conventional theorists honestly don’t have a clue. As stars get closer and closer to the galactic center, their speed of revolution keeps increasing. Ultimately this speed reaches c, the speed of light, at which point the velocity equation inverts from s/t to t/s–so instead of coordinate space/clock time, we have coordinate time/clock space, by the First Reciprocal Postulate. But outward in coordinate time is equivalent to inward in coordinate space, so the stars become closely packed, by our spatial perspective, even though they’re apart in coordinate time. The “black hole” at the center of our Galaxy and others is, in reality, a “white dwarf core” in which the stars and particles are in the same condition as the atoms and particles of a white dwarf star or pulsar or quasar. The speed of the stars is between 1c and 2c (from our perspective); this motion in time replaces the previous motion in space. Eventually, some of the stars go Supernova Type I or Type 2. This produces motion in the third dimension, which is in space; recall that in the Reciprocal System, motion can have three dimensions and not simply one! The outward spatial motion of atoms from the explosion then leave the white dwarf core, causing the Galactic Bubble. Originally, gamma rays and radio waves are emitted (similar to that of a pulsar moving away from the Galactic plane) and the atoms will leave our material sector for the cosmic sector; but if the the explosion isn’t strong enough, the motion will halt (due to the gravitational force of the Galaxy) and so the atoms will drop down in speed and emit x-rays (just like pulsars coming back toward the Galactic plane). Hence the x-ray structure. This whole situation is similar to that of the ejection of quasars from large spheroidal galaxies at the end of their life–but, of course, on a much, much smaller scale.

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself.


September 5, 2020

Halo Surrounding Andromeda Galaxy

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This seems to be a surprise to many astronomers,  Andromeda’s halo extends out to 2 million light-years.  According to calculations with the Reciprocal System of theory, and contained in The Reciprocal System:  Macrocosmos Database, the First Gravitational Limit of Andromeda is 0.671 Mpc or 2188509.3 lightyears.  Objects within this distance are moving toward Andromeda; objects outside this distance are moving away from Andromeda (although, as members of the Local Group of galaxies, Andromeda and the Milky Way are moving towards one another–and anything within the First Gravitational Limit of the Local Group would be moving inward relative to the Local Group as a whole).  Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!


April 14, 2020

What is a Virus?

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The theory of biological life in the Reciprocal System is given by Dewey B. Larson in his metaphysical work, Beyond Space and Time, p. 73 and p. 75:

“Another important contribution which the theoretical findings with respect to the nature of the control over the biological organism make toward clarifying collateral issues is that they enable us to account for some of the aspects of the situation along the borderline between the living and the non-living that have been difficult problems for the biologists: the behavior of viruses, for example. Some of the viruses can be crystallized, and in this form they have no biological activity. From all indications, they are no different from any other organic crystals. But when this apparently inanimate matter is introduced into a living cell, it behaves as a living organism, assimilating food from the environment and producing a multiplicity of replicas of itself. Is the virus, then, living or non-living, or does it occupy some kind of an intermediate position between the two?

“On the basis of the theory developed in the preceding discussion, the virus in the crystalline condition is a purely material structure, and as such, has no biological capability. But it has the potential of replication in an appropriate environment, because of its molecular structure, and when it enters a living cell and becomes subject to the cosmic forces that are exerted by the life unit in control of the cell, this potential is activated and the virus behaves as a biological organism. Thus the virus is living within the cell because its behavior is controlled by a life unit, or a number of such units. Outside the cell it is not under such control and therefore is not living. The activities of the virus are detrimental to the cell, but the control exercised by the life unit is purely mechanical and it is unable to distinguish between foreign DNA and its own. It treats the DNA of the virus as if it were indigenous to the cell. Generalizing the foregoing explanation, we arrive at a definition of life:

Life is a condition in which a material aggregate is under the control of one or more life units of a cosmic (inverse) nature.

“An idea of the difficulty that has been experienced in formulating a comparable definition on the basis of conventional theories can be gained from an examination of the following recently published wording:

Life is a partial, continuous, progressive, multiform and conditionally inter-active, self-realization of the potentialities of atomic electron states.115

On the foregoing basis, death is a process in which the life units lose control over the material aggregate. Since there is little reason for loss of control in a simple unicellular organism, such units should not die unless they exhaust their food supply, or are physically destroyed—by fire, for instance, or by becoming food for some other organism. This is confirmed by observation. Death from “natural causes” is a phenomenon of the complex organism, and it results from inability of the organism to keep all of its vital parts in good working order indefinitely. Whether or not this is inevitable is still an unanswered question. At any rate, it seems evident that it is the result of an evolutionary development.”

“Our findings as to the nature of life also give us some understanding of the origin of life on our particular planet. In view of the existing uncertainty as to the exact nature of the primitive life unit, the cosmic unit that enters into combination with the material structure and causes the change in behavior from that of the inanimate world to that of the living organism, there is a substantial range of possibilities to be considered. If this unit amounts to any major portion of the molecule as a whole, then the occurrence of a combination of the right kind depends on the entry of the necessary unit from the cosmic sector and contact with an appropriate material aggregate in the extremely short time available. The probability of such a happening is very small, but it does have a finite value, and although such an event might not take place more often than once in a thousand years, or even once in a million years, yet it is certain to take place sooner or later when there are billions of years available for this small probability to take effect.

“Even on the assumption that the primitive life unit is relatively large, therefore, the emergence of life on a planet such as the earth, where suitable conditions exist, is inevitable. If the life unit is a relatively small feature of a molecule, the probability of the right kind of an encounter is greatly increased, and in that case, the origin of life would be practically automatic, once the required giant organic molecules became available. After the first life unit has gained a foothold, an explanation of the spreading of life over the surface of the planet encounters no serious difficulties. The reason why we do not observe life originating in this manner, why life comes only from life, so far as we can see, is that the raw materials from which the forces of nature would build life if they had a chance to operate are so eagerly sought by the myriad of life forms already existing that they are never available. It should theoretically be possible, however, to observe the boundary between living and non-living experimentally by differentiating between a purely material molecule of DNA and a cosmically controlled molecule. The latter should replicate itself in the proper environment, while the purely material molecule should not. An experiment of this kind would distinguish between living and non-living at the lowest possible level. In fact, the viruses may already be trying to give us this information.”

So there you have it:  the true theory of viruses!

February 19, 2020

What Will Happen to Betelgeuse?

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Here’s a YouTube video featuring some of my opponents in theoretical physics explaining the conventional theory as to what will happen to Betelgeuse sometime within the next 100000 years.  Here.

In contrast, as most of you know, I work with the Reciprocal System of theory.  Here, Betelgeuse (classified on the CM diagram as M2) is most likely a second generation Red Giant star (2C in Reciprocal System notation).  As such, it is slowly contracting toward the Main Sequence–so it will not be exploding as a supernova for several billion years.  Observations appear to show that its size has reduced by 15% and its luminosity by an even greater amount.  Of course, part of this might be due to a dust cloud surrounding the star.  Also, Betelgeuse is a variable star, and so cycles of brightening and dimming are usual.  (In the Reciprocal System, gravitational segregation exists in the star, so that the the further one goes down, the heavier the element (modelled as a shell).  Rather than fusion of H in the center, there is fission of heavy elements.  A young star may start with element 117 or element 92 as the fissioning element, depending on the location.  Then, as the star ages and temperature increases, lower elements in sequence become available for fission.  The increase in energy may cause the star to expand, which then cools the star, and so the star may revert back to the next higher element for fission.  The pulsation may continue until the Red Giant reaches the Main Sequence.)  Once a Red Giant reaches the Main Sequence (which is really at the “turn-in” point, rather than the “turn-off” point as my opponents say), it will begin to move slowly up the Main Sequence until it becomes an O or B star, at which point it may go Supernova Type I.    So, to sum up, according to the Reciprocal System, Betelgeuse is moving down and to the left on the Red Giant Branch of the CM diagram, rather than moving up and then to the left on the Red Giant Branch.  It will not be going supernova anytime soon.
Incidentally, if Betelgeuse is really 2C, there should be a White Dwarf star in the vicinity–although no definitive evidence for one has been found.  As such, it’s difficult to calculate the mass of Betelgeuse.  My guess is that Betelgeuse is less massive than most astronomers think.  Some astronomers even think that Betelgeuse has swallowed its companion star–while that is possible, it would certainly be highly improbable.  I’d like to see observers carefully search for a companion star for Betelgeuse.  Maybe someone reading this is up for the challenge….

February 15, 2020

The Truth About “Black Holes”

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By now there are zillions of articles and videos about “black holes.”  And there is certainly much mythology about them.  So, what does the Reciprocal System say about them?  A “black hole” is really a “white dwarf galactic core“–not white dwarf stars in the center of a galaxy, but stars, dust, and gas in the same state as the atoms of a white dwarf star!  As a star gets closer and closer to a galactic core, the speed of its revolution keeps increasing until it exceeds the speed of light, at which point the velocity equation, v = s/t, flips to v = t/s.  This means that the motion is now in coordinate time, the inverse of that of coordinate space.  Outward in coordinate time appears to us as inward in coordinate space, so it appears to us as a “compression” rather than as an “expansion.”  The approx. 4 million stars in the core of the Milky Way are actually separated by lots of coordinate time, although to us they appear to be packed together impossibly close!

But what goes in must eventually come out.  The stars in the core continue to go through their life cycle, gradually moving up the Main Sequence–at which point, they explode creating a Supernova Type I.  If they have already gone through four cycles of this, and are thus quite old, they reach the age limit, and so explode as Supernovae Type II.  In this case, most of the material moves into the third dimension of motion and leaves the “black hole” as a jet–which eventually escapes the galaxy and enters the cosmic (or inverse) sector.  This explains the “jets” we commonly see coming out of “black holes.”

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!

November 18, 2019

The Two Stages of the Creation of the Physical Universe

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According to the Reciprocal System and its extension to metaphysics, existence is comprised of the Non-Physical Realm–non-space-time units–and the Physical Realm–space-time units.  The first stage of the creation of the physical universe came about when a portion of the non-space-time units of the Non-Physical Realm, having the property of creativity, converted themselves to space-time units–specifically the space-time progression, the “clock” of the universe–one unit of space per one unit of time–one unit of velocity.  We can identify the natural unit of velocity as the speed of light.  Then the second stage of creation was the conversion of another portion of the non-space-time units of the Non-Physical Realm, again having the property of creativity, to space-time units–but in this case with magnitudes up and down from unity.  There was no creation “ex nihilo”–a general conservation law applies to the two conversion processes.  In this second stage, photons and massless, chargeless subatoms (rotating photons) were formed as follows:

Subatom                          Photon Freq.      Rot. Displ.    Eff. Rot. Displ.      Rot. Speed      Rot. Freq.
m-positron                           2 R                    1-0-1               0-0-1              1/2-1-1/2     R/π-2R/π-R/π
c-positron                         1/2 R                   (1)-0-(1)            0-0-(1)              2-1-2         4R/π-2R/π-4R/π
m-electron                           2 R                     1-0-(1)             0-0-(1)            1/2-1-2       R/π-2R/π-4R/π
c-electron                         1/2 R                    (1)-0-1              0-0-1               2-1-1/2      4R/π-2R/π-R/π
m-massless neutron            2 R                      1-1-0             1/2-1/2-0         1/2-1/2-1    R/π-R/π-2R/π
c-massless neutron           1/2 R                    (1)-(1)-0         (1/2)-(1/2)-0        2-2-1        4R/π-4R/π-2R/π
m-neutrino                           2 R                     1-1-(1)           1/2-1/2-(1)        1/2-1/2-2   R/π-R/π-4R/π
c-neutrino                         1/2 R                    (1)-(1)-1          (1/2)-(1/2)-1      2-2-1/2      4R/π-4R/π-R/π

where R = the unit Rydberg Frequency.  For the details of the spin numbers, please read Dr. Satz’s work Existents and Interaction:  A Computational Treatise of the Reciprocal System–The True Theory of Everything.  These subatoms (which have momentum, though not mass) then merged to create subatoms with mass, which then merged to create the atomic elements of the Periodic Table.  Particles, virtual or real, did not and cannot “pop out” of the space-time progression, unlike the claims of Quantum Mechanics.  The existing displacements from unit space-time have the character of postulates, and a general conservation law obtains:  displacements may be transformed from one form to another but cannot be destroyed.  Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!

August 26, 2019

Seeking Science Publisher to Reprint Dewey B. Larson’s Works

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The International Society of Unified Science is seeking a well-respected and well-capitalized science publisher to reprint and market Dewey B. Larson’s works.  We own the copyrights to all of Dewey B. Larson’s books and would like to receive royalty payments from the publisher.  Given that there are roughly 8 million scientists and 10 million engineers in the world, this is a major market.  If only 1% of these eventually buy one of Larson’s books for $35, then that would give a sales figure of 18000000 x .01 x 35 = $6,300,000.  Those who purchase one book are likely to purchase another, and so the sales figure should go up from there.  Contact Dr. Ronald W. Satz,, with a proposal, including marketing.


August 24, 2019

If God is Equated to All of Existence

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The grandfather of the Reciprocal System, Samuel Alexander, made the statement in Space, Time, and Deity, p. 358 in Book IV, that “God’s body being the whole of Space-Time is omnipresent and eternal.”  The “whole of Space-Time” is our physical universe.  What Alexander did not grasp, but Dewey B. Larson did, is that existence is comprised of two realms, not just one:  the Physical Realm and the Non-Physical Realm.  If the Physical Realm is the “body” of God, then the Non-Physical Realm must be the “mind” of God.  This concept is a far cry from the silly anthropomorphic concepts of past theologians.  Whereas the Physical Realm is discretized into space-time units, the Non-Physical Realm is discretized into non-space-time units.  Rational, ethical individuals (here and around the universe) have a unit from the Non-Physical Realm which can override the “bad” impulses of our biological aspects.  Samuel Alexander said that we “enjoy” our mind and “contemplate” our body.  Extrapolating from this, we can say that God enjoys his mind (the Non-Physical Realm) and contemplates his body (the Physical Realm).  Given that both realms are so huge, it’s not possible to get bored!

Updated 09/05/2019

December 6, 2018

Dark Matter Hypothesis Disproven

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So it now seems that the “dark matter” hypothesis has been disproven.  In the Reciprocal System, there certainly is matter in between galaxies, but it’s ordinary matter or cosmic (inverse) matter, not some new form of matter.  Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!


November 2, 2018

LIGO Is Wrong

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This is hilarious for those of us who reject so-called “modern physics.”  Of course, the data do not support the contention that “gravitational waves” have been discovered!

The reality is that, according to the Reciprocal System of theory, the very slight deflections measured come from the impinging massless, chargeless electrons and positrons created in energetic astrophysical events.

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!



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