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February 15, 2020

The Truth About “Black Holes”

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By now there are zillions of articles and videos about “black holes.”  And there is certainly much mythology about them.  So, what does the Reciprocal System say about them?  A “black hole” is really a “white dwarf galactic core“–not white dwarf stars in the center of a galaxy, but stars, dust, and gas in the same state as the atoms of a white dwarf star!  As a star gets closer and closer to a galactic core, the speed of its revolution keeps increasing until it exceeds the speed of light, at which point the velocity equation, v = s/t, flips to v = t/s.  This means that the motion is now in coordinate time, the inverse of that of coordinate space.  Outward in coordinate time appears to us as inward in coordinate space, so it appears to us as a “compression” rather than as an “expansion.”  The approx. 4 million stars in the core of the Milky Way are actually separated by lots of coordinate time, although to us they appear to be packed together impossibly close!

But what goes in must eventually come out.  The stars in the core continue to go through their life cycle, gradually moving up the Main Sequence–at which point, they explode creating a Supernova Type I.  If they have already gone through four cycles of this, and are thus quite old, they reach the age limit, and so explode as Supernovae Type II.  In this case, most of the material moves into the third dimension of motion and leaves the “black hole” as a jet–which eventually escapes the galaxy and enters the cosmic (or inverse) sector.  This explains the “jets” we commonly see coming out of “black holes.”

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!

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