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November 18, 2019

The Two Stages of the Creation of the Physical Universe

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According to the Reciprocal System and its extension to metaphysics, existence is comprised of the Non-Physical Realm–non-space-time units–and the Physical Realm–space-time units.  The first stage of the creation of the physical universe came about when a portion of the non-space-time units of the Non-Physical Realm, having the property of creativity, converted themselves to space-time units–specifically the space-time progression, the “clock” of the universe–one unit of space per one unit of time–one unit of velocity.  We can identify the natural unit of velocity as the speed of light.  Then the second stage of creation was the conversion of another portion of the non-space-time units of the Non-Physical Realm, again having the property of creativity, to space-time units–but in this case with magnitudes up and down from unity.  There was no creation “ex nihilo”–a general conservation law applies to the two conversion processes.  In this second stage, photons and massless, chargeless subatoms (rotating photons) were formed as follows:

Subatom                          Photon Freq.      Rot. Displ.    Eff. Rot. Displ.      Rot. Speed      Rot. Freq.
m-positron                           2 R                    1-0-1               0-0-1              1/2-1-1/2     R/π-2R/π-R/π
c-positron                         1/2 R                   (1)-0-(1)            0-0-(1)              2-1-2         4R/π-2R/π-4R/π
m-electron                           2 R                     1-0-(1)             0-0-(1)            1/2-1-2       R/π-2R/π-4R/π
c-electron                         1/2 R                    (1)-0-1              0-0-1               2-1-1/2      4R/π-2R/π-R/π
m-massless neutron            2 R                      1-1-0             1/2-1/2-0         1/2-1/2-1    R/π-R/π-2R/π
c-massless neutron           1/2 R                    (1)-(1)-0         (1/2)-(1/2)-0        2-2-1        4R/π-4R/π-2R/π
m-neutrino                           2 R                     1-1-(1)           1/2-1/2-(1)        1/2-1/2-2   R/π-R/π-4R/π
c-neutrino                         1/2 R                    (1)-(1)-1          (1/2)-(1/2)-1      2-2-1/2      4R/π-4R/π-R/π

where R = the unit Rydberg Frequency.  For the details of the spin numbers, please read Dr. Satz’s work Existents and Interaction:  A Computational Treatise of the Reciprocal System–The True Theory of Everything.  These subatoms (which have momentum, though not mass) then merged to create subatoms with mass, which then merged to create the atomic elements of the Periodic Table.  Particles, virtual or real, did not and cannot “pop out” of the space-time progression, unlike the claims of Quantum Mechanics.  The existing displacements from unit space-time have the character of postulates, and a general conservation law obtains:  displacements may be transformed from one form to another but cannot be destroyed.  Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!

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