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August 26, 2019

Seeking Science Publisher to Reprint Dewey B. Larson’s Works

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The International Society of Unified Science is seeking a well-respected and well-capitalized science publisher to reprint and market Dewey B. Larson’s works.  We own the copyrights to all of Dewey B. Larson’s books and would like to receive royalty payments from the publisher.  Given that there are roughly 8 million scientists and 10 million engineers in the world, this is a major market.  If only 1% of these eventually buy one of Larson’s books for $35, then that would give a sales figure of 18000000 x .01 x 35 = $6,300,000.  Those who purchase one book are likely to purchase another, and so the sales figure should go up from there.  Contact Dr. Ronald W. Satz,, with a proposal, including marketing.


August 24, 2019

If God is Equated to All of Existence

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The grandfather of the Reciprocal System, Samuel Alexander, made the statement in Space, Time, and Deity, p. 358 in Book IV, that “God’s body being the whole of Space-Time is omnipresent and eternal.”  The “whole of Space-Time” is our physical universe.  What Alexander did not grasp, but Dewey B. Larson did, is that existence is comprised of two realms, not just one:  the Physical Realm and the Non-Physical Realm.  If the Physical Realm is the “body” of God, then the Non-Physical Realm must be the “mind” of God.  This concept is a far cry from the silly anthropomorphic concepts of past theologians.  Whereas the Physical Realm is discretized into space-time units, the Non-Physical Realm is discretized into non-space-time units.  Rational, ethical individuals (here and around the universe) have a unit from the Non-Physical Realm which can override the “bad” impulses of our biological aspects.  Samuel Alexander said that we “enjoy” our mind and “contemplate” our body.  Extrapolating from this, we can say that God enjoys his mind (the Non-Physical Realm) and contemplates his body (the Physical Realm).  Given that both realms are so huge, it’s not possible to get bored!

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