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October 15, 2017

On the Origin of Gold

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Conventional theory:

Reciprocal System:  Heavy elements are made from lighter elements by addition of magnetically-charged neutrinos.  Atoms are constantly bombarded by neutrinos; some of the neutrinos obtain a magnetic charge, which causes them to be trapped in the atoms–and the magnetic charge creates a gravitational charge which adds a unit of atomic mass to the atom–a new isotope.  If this isotope is outside of the zone of stability for that element, then internal transformations will occur in such a way as to change the element to the next one higher up.  Thus gold is created out of the lighter elements.  Gold is not created by supernovae or the “Big Bang” or any of the other nonsensical methods of “modern physics.”

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!  Dr. Satz’s three major projects have now been completed:  1) The Reciprocal System:  Microcosmos Database, 2) The Reciprocal System:  Macrocosmos Database, and 3) Existents and Interactions:  A Computational Treatise of the Reciprocal System–The True Theory of Everything.  All are available from  Go forth and learn!





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