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October 14, 2017

Launch of The Reciprocal System: Macrocosmos Database

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It’s here–The Reciprocal System:  Macrocosmos Database is now ready for purchase.  This is the world’s only astronomy/astrophysics database for the Reciprocal System.  All classes of celestial objects are included:  galaxy clusters/groups, galaxies, star clusters, stars, planets, moons, minor bodies, gas-nebulae-dust, and voids.  Thousand of images and videos are included in the software, illustrating each object.  Of course, the Reciprocal System supplies the explanation for the properties of each object. Properties of the universe as a whole are also provided, as are calculations for the number of habitable planets.  Price:  $195 for five users; free download link; 30-day free trial.  Available from http://www.transpowercorp (simply use PayPal to send $195.00 to or

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