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July 12, 2017

New eBook from Transpower Corporation: Existents and Interactions

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This is the first computational treatise of the Reciprocal System!

The Reciprocal System (and its extension to the Non-Physical Realm) is a “Theory of Everything.” As such, this work is divided into three Parts: 1. Metaphysics 2. Physics 3. Econophysics.  This work is for scientists and engineers who have doubts about mainstream metaphysics, physics, and econophysics. Do you question the Big Bang, black holes, worm holes, the nuclear theory of the atom, Quantum Mechanics, neutron stars, quarks, degenerate matter, dark matter, dark energy, strings, curved space, the hydrogen-to-helium conversion process in stars, QED. virtual particles, the “Standard Model” of particle physics, the Higgs boson, gravitational waves, and gravitons? If so, you have come to the right place: this work replaces all of the above with a completely unified, rational, general theory of the universe!

As you read through the work, you will see that the Reciprocal System is, indeed, a “Theory of Everything.” Except for the first two papers, the entire work is written in Mathcad–so you can see the actual computer code used to explain and calculate all the properties of the microcosmos and macrocosmos. This work is ideal for professors who wish to teach the Reciprocal System and for students and graduates who wish to understand the theory at a very deep level. A download link will be provided at time of purchase from Amazon.  The original Mathcad source files and Excel files can be obtained at no extra cost, if the purchaser has any version of Mathcad from 11 to 15 and provided that the purchaser accepts Transpower’s terms.

Revision History

07/10/2017:  Initial publication of Existents and Interactions

07/19/2017:  Noticed that Tables I and II of “Theory of Stellar Structure and Evolution” were missing; added to both PDF and PPT files.  Total number of pages/slides now:  1711!

July 3, 2017

Stephen Hawking is Wrong, as Usual

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Hawking appears to be ignorant of Le Chatelier’s Principle as applied to the carbon cycle:  if CO2 rises, the system will automatically adjust itself so as to lower CO2 levels.  Plantlife will increase, and then animal life.  It’s a net positive for the biosphere.

Hawking is also a doom and gloomer on the topic of aliens.  He says they’re likely to be malevolent.  Again, this is very unlikely.  Aliens would be under the influence of the Metaphysical Realm to at least the same degree as humans.

Study the Reciprocal System, the true theory of the universe!


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