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April 20, 2017

Two Reviews of Great Courses Lectures on Modern Particle Physics

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Please read these two Amazon reviews by Dr. Ronald W. Satz.

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!


April 18, 2017

Negative Mass Nonsense

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As usual, the conventional theoreticians misinterpret the results of the experiment.  At extreme cold temperature and with the atoms within unit distance of one another, an inward force will strengthen the inverse gravitational force within unit distance and so the atoms will move backward rather than forward.  The equilibrium distance is that in which the outward force, inverse gravitation in this case, and the inward force, the inverse progression of space-time, are equal.

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!


April 12, 2017

How Life First Began

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Actually, a step change is necessary to go from non-life to life.  In the Reciprocal System, atoms (termed “mesons” in conventional theory) from the cosmic (inverse) sector of the universe associate themselves with complex material molecules–RNA and DNA–to form a biological cell.  The structure of the biological cell keeps the inverse atoms from decaying.  Life, in some respects, represents inverse entropy, which is what one would expect from the control exercised by the inverse atoms.   Please read Dewey B. Larson’s work Beyond Space and Time for the details.  Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!

Proposed experiments to test the theory:  see if mesons can be found in the nuclei of cells; see if mesons come out of a dying cell


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