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October 10, 2016

Yes, A White Dwarf Star Is Inside Out

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The conventional theorists are totally baffled.  But not those of us who work with the Reciprocal System!  Quoting Dewey B. Larson from The Universe of Motion, p. 78:

“Contraction of the matter of the white dwarf star under pressure has the
opposite effect, just as it does in the case of ordinary matter. Pressure thus
reduces the density measured on this same basis. The constituents of a white
dwarf star, like those of any other star, are subject to the gravitational effect of
the structure as a whole, and the atoms in the interior are therefore under a
pressure. The natural direction of gravitation is always toward unity. In the
intermediate region (speeds above unity), as in the time region (distances
below unity) that we explored in the earlier volumes, toward unity is outward
in the context of a fixed spatial reference system, the datum level of which is
zero. Thus the gravitational force in the white dwarf star is inverse relative to
the fixed system of reference. It operates to move the atoms closer together in
time, which is equivalent to farther apart in space. At the location where the
pressure due to the gravitational force is the strongest, the center of the star,
the compression in time is the greatest, and since compression in time is
equivalent to expansion in space, the center of a white dwarf is the region of
lowest density. As we will see later, this inverse density gradient plays an
important part in determining the properties of the white dwarfs.”  Also, p. 168:

“Because of the inverse density gradient
in the white dwarf stars this relatively heavy condensed gas component takes
the form of an outer shell, rather than that of an inner core.”

Also, p. 178:

“The phenomenon that we are now considering, the existence of helium
atmospheres in certain classes of white dwarf stars, is a more limited example
of the same kind of anticipation of the observational discoveries. Here the
explanation was provided before the need for it was recognized. The essential
feature of this explanation is the inverse density gradient. The existence of this
inverse gradient is not an ad hoc assumption that has been formulated to fit the
observations, in the manner of so many of the “ explanations” offered by
conventional theory. It is something that is definitely required by the basic
postulates of the theory of the universe of motion, and was so recognized, and
set forth in the published works, long before the existence of the helium
atmospheres was reported by the observers, and the need for an explanation of
this seeming anomaly became evident. The 1959 publication stated
specifically that “ The center of a white dwarf star is the region of lowest

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!  Stop believing your hack professor and the hack commentators on TV!

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