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May 9, 2016

Mini-Course on the Reciprocal System

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It’s free.  Just click on the links!

Free mini-course on the Reciprocal System–this is the alternative physics you’ve been hoping for.  Download these free papers:

Critique of Conventional Theories

The Case Against Modern Physics (original publishing date here: 03/14/2013, last updated: 04/06/2013) (22 pages, 25 references)


Space-Time Dimensions and Natural Unit Values of Physical Quantities (original publishing date here: 01/17/2013, last updated: 02/11/2013) (107 pages, 120 equations, 1 table, 11 references)

Theory of Unit Space-Time and Displacements from Unit Space-Time: Material and Cosmic Photons, Subatoms, and Atoms (original publishing date here: 11/16/2013, last updated: 03/30/2016) (97 pages, 62 equations, 9 tables, 4 figures, 62 references)


Proposal for a Modified Rutherford Experiment–Includes Seven Papers (and numerous references)!

Reciprocal System Periodic Table of the Elements

Reciprocal System Periodic Table of the Cosmic Elements

Theory of Subatomic and Atomic Masses and Half-Lives (original publishing date here: 02/01/2012, last updated: 02/10/2012) (43 pages, 30 equations, 1 table, 9 references)

Theory of Atomic Spectra and Ionization Energies (original publishing date here: 05/06/2012, last updated: 05/06/2012)
(140 pages, 19 equations, 32 references)

Theory of Dielectrics, Diamagnets, Paramagnets, and Ferromagnets, including Calculation of Electric and Magnetic Susceptibilities, Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (original publishing date here: 03/23/2011, last updated: 06/19/2012) (298 pages, 150 equations, 42 figures, 8 tables, 71 references)

Theory of the Capacitor (original publishing date: 07/04/2007; last updated 02/25/2014) (15 pages, 8 equations, 1 figure, 5 references)

Capacitor Theory Update (original publishing date here: 06/09/2012, last updated: 06/09/2012) (2 pages, 3 equations, 3 references)

Theory of Electrical Resistivity (original publishing date here: 11/24/2009; last updated: 01/10/2010) (66 pages, 33 equations, 19 figures, 1 table, 16 referemces)

Theory of Thermoelectricity, Thermomagnetism, and Thermal Resistivity (original publishing date here: 02/21/2010, last updated: 02/03/2013) (83 pages, 76 equations, 6 figures, 4 tables, 22 references)

Theory of Faster Than Light Neutrinos (original publishing date here: 10/01/2011, last updated: 12/03/2012) (15 pages, 30 equations, 1 table, 9 references)

Theory of Liquids, Vapors, and Gases (original publishing date here: 11/18/2012, last updated: 07/24/2013) (250 pages, 96 equations, 41 figures, 21 references)


The Grand Cycle of the Universe, According to the Reciprocal System

Calculation of the Gravitational Limits and the Hubble Constant for the Local Group (original publishing date here: 05/28/2008, last updated:  12/29/2015) (41 pages, 39 equations, 10 figures, 6 references)

Motion of the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy (original publishing date here: 10/10/2013) (11 pages, 12 equations, 1 figure, 4 references)


Larson’s Metaphysics and the Reciprocal System World View (original publishing date in Integra: 08/2001, reformatted here: 04/18/2013) (2 figures, 5 references)

Existents and Interactions: The New Universal Axiomatic System–An Outline


Test Your Knowledge of the Reciprocal System!

An Outline of Larsonian Economics (numerous equations, 2 references)
The Continuous Flow Process of the Modern Fourth-Stage Economy

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