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March 14, 2016

Discussion of Some Annoyances Out There

Filed under: Science — transpower @ 1:01 pm
  1.  Doug Bundy runs something he calls the “LRC.”  Unfortunately his Web site does a disservice to the Reciprocal System.  He is not a scientist or engineer, and he is incapable of writing a real scientific paper.  He is not helping our cause.  He should stop attempting to co-opt the Reciprocal System to espouse his nonsense.  There are no real scientists at his “LRC”!
  2.  A blogger calling himself “Copernicus”, at, has attempted to critique Satz’s paper “The Case Against Modern Physics,” published in Integra, the Journal of Intertel, the top 1% society.  But his arguments utterly fail.  He doesn’t meet Satz’s arguments head-on, but rather just spouts the conventional theory and name-calls. He is uninformed of all the mathematical equations which have been developed by Satz.  He insists that Satz submit to the “authorities” at Physical Review or other bastions of “modern physics.”  But why should he?  Satz has an IQ of 160, the same as Einstein and Hawking and Asimov, so why should he kowtow to the usual college professors/hacks with their meager IQ of 125?  Appeal to authority is a logical fallacy.  Most of “modern physics” is contrary to logic and is full of infinities and singularities. Satz’s papers stand on their own merit!  The Reciprocal System Database incorporates all of the work, and the “modern physicist” has nothing like it at all!

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