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February 9, 2016

The Fiction of Dark Matter

Filed under: Science — transpower @ 12:42 pm

“Dark matter” is simply another fiction of “modern physics.”  The conventional theorists think that stars are in “Keplerian” orbits around the center of the galaxy–but there isn’t enough observed mass for this to be the case so they hypothesize the existence of “dark matter.”  In the Reciprocal System, galaxies are heterogenous fluid structures and so the stars are not in “Keplerian” orbits.  There is therefore no need for such a weird concept as “dark matter.”  The matter in the center of our Galaxy and others is actually “white dwarf” matter–very dense indeed.  Novae may sometimes occur and thus creates the gamma rays and other forms of energy coming from the core.

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself.  The Reciprocal System:  Microcosmos Database is now available from and  The Reciprocal System:  Macrocosmos Database is currently a work in progress.

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