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May 17, 2015

Where is the Anti-Matter?

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Conventional theorists don’t understand why they cannot find “anti-matter stars and galaxies.” This is because they’re using the wrong theories! In the Reciprocal System, there are two major regions of the universe: 1) the material sector, in which the stars and galaxies are located in coordinate space, and 2) the cosmic sector, in which the stars and galaxies are located in coordinate time. The individual cosmic atoms are widely separated in our space, even though they may be quite close in coordinate time! We cannot see cosmic stars and galaxies; we do, however, come across individual cosmic atoms, on occasion. Given that the speeds are above unity (c) in the cosmic sector, these atoms are at very high energy–10^20 eV, which is the observed energy of some cosmic ray particles!

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself. The Reciprocal System: Microcosmos Database is now available from and It is the world’s only theoretical computational database for the major properties of matter! The Reciprocal System: Macrocosmos Database is currently a work-in-progress.

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