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January 6, 2015

Eruptions from Center of Our Galaxy

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From Dewey B. Larson’s The Universe of Motion, p. 370:

“The cores of these galaxies [including the Milky Way] are in the same physical condition as the white dwarf stars and the quasars; that is, their density is abnormally high because introduction of the time displacement of the upper range speeds has reduced the equivalent space occupied by the central portions of the galaxies. In brief, we may say that the reason for the abnormal density in the older and larger galaxies is that these galaxies have white dwarf cores—not white dwarfs in the core, but cores in which the constituent stars and particles are in the same condition as the constituent particles of a white dwarf star.”

p. 371:

“On this basis it is estimated that there are about 70 million solar masses within 10 parsecs of the center of the core, and that the density in the innermost volume of 0.1 parsec radius is 100 million times the star density in the vicinity of the sun.274 On first consideration such a concentration may seem incredibly large, but when it is realized that this observed high spatial density is actually a very low density in time, it becomes evident that the observed magnitude is not out of line with other limiting densities. For instance, the density of solid matter at zero temperature and pressure is in the neighborhood of 100 million times the density of the most diffuse stars.  The radiation in the near infrared comes from stars that are moving at upper range speeds (which accounts for their high spatial density), but are composed of particles whose speeds (temperatures) are in the range below unity (which accounts for the thermal character of the radiation). In addition to this type of radiation, there is also a very intense radiation in the far infrared, a nonthermal radiation that “ is presumed to be synchrotron radiation. In the light of the findings detailed in the preceding pages, it is evident that this presumption is incorrect, and that the non-thermal radiation, both the infrared and the associated radio emission, originates from isotopic adjustments in matter that has been accelerated to upper range speeds. The existence of radiation of this nature identifies the Milky Way galaxy as one that has a good start toward the build-up of matter with speeds in the upper ranges which will eventually lead to the kind of a gigantic explosion that ejects a quasar.”

The eruptions reported in the story are simply leakage of this high-speed material!

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!


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