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January 28, 2015

Ancient Solar System

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Actually it takes a supernova to create a solar system.  And it takes approx. 10 billion years of stellar evolution before a star explodes.  Therefore this system is considerably older than the current estimate of the age of the universe, 14 billion years–which means that the current age estimate is dead wrong.

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January 21, 2015

Supernovae Do Not Create Heavy Elements

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Contrary to conventional theory:

According to the Reciprocal System of theory, heavy elements form from lighter elements by neutrino addition.  The universe is flooded with neutrinos, so that whereas most pass through matter, some do get absorbed.

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January 19, 2015

Critical Review of Pasachoff and Filippenko’s The Cosmos: Astronomy in the New Millennium

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January 13, 2015

Very High Galactic Redshifts

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According to the Reciprocal System of theory, galaxy clusters–like the Local Group–move away from other galaxy clusters, eventually attaining a speed of unity, or c, the speed of light.  This yields a redshift value of 1, the maximum for a normal galaxy.  Quasars have higher redshifts, but this doesn’t indicate that they’re farther away.  Rather, their redshifts are due to an explosive force imparted to their consitutent particles, which puts them at speeds above c, although the quasar, as a whole, remains below c.  Motions above c are in coordinate time, which is the inverse of that in coordinate space.  So, instead of expanding outward in space, the particles move, equivalently, inward in space, causing the well-known compact structure of quasars.  So astronomer Halton Arp was right:  quasars are associated with galaxies with normal redshifts but have an additional redshift due to the explosion which created them.  According to the Reciprocal System, redshifts can go as high as 7, at which point the particles must leave our sector for the inverse, or cosmic, sector, which is localized in time.  Therefore, all the very high redshift galaxies discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope must be quasars, not normal galaxies.  The Special Relativistic transformation of the normal Doppler relation does not apply and is incorrect.  See Dewey B. Larson’s The Universe of Motion for the details.

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January 11, 2015

What Happens When We Die?

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The metaphysics of the Reciprocal System of theory can answer this question, with some help from Reconstructionist Judaism.

This question has vexed thinkers for millennia. Supernaturalists, transnaturalists, and atheists give very different answers.

Traditional Orthodox/Conservative Jews still maintain the belief in bodily resurrection and the Day of Judgment. Those adjudged by the supernatural deity to eternal life would be given their “old” body back, together with their soul, to live in the “world to come.” In the interim state between death and resurrection, the soul is supposed to dwell in Gan Eden (Paradise) or Gehinnom (a place of punishment, but not, like the Christian Hell, of eternal punishment). In contrast, Reform Jews teach the immortality of the soul, but not bodily resurrection, and they believe that the soul incarnates only once.

Materialists and atheists reject any metaphysical or transcendental realm and so consider human beings to be simply big-brained animals. They therefore believe that death is obliteration; there is no distinction here between criminals and non-criminals. Atheists cannot explain the origin of human creativity or ethical values, because the physical world is an amoral cause-effect mechanism.

Transnaturalist Reconstructionist Jews believe that existence is comprised of two realms: the physical realm (made of space-time units) and the non-physical or transnatural or Metaphysical Realm (made of non-space-time units); this latter realm is not supernatural, but perfectly rational and objective—it has the properties of creativity and ethics. An ethical, creative human being is part physical and part non-physical. At death the physical component (body and brain) dies, but the non-physical component (the soul) survives and therefore may be reincarnated again—in fact, many times (usually on different planets), until the soul is perfected; one brief life-time is completely insufficient to accomplish this goal. The “judgment” is automatic; the soul leaves in the state it’s in at the time of the death of the physical body and brain. Soulless hominids (i.e., criminals) are obliterated at death, just as are animals and plants. There is no “heaven” or “hell,” per se. (The Islamic belief in a physical paradise after death is sheer nonsense.) And, contrary to Maimonides and the Buddhists, the soul remains individuated and does not merge into the “active intellect of God.” “Desoulment” (at death) is a natural process, just as is “ensoulment” (at birth or close to birth).

The Reconstructionist High Holiday Service book, p. 1031, quotes Edith Sitwell, as follows: “Love is not changed by Death, And nothing is lost and all in the end is harvest.”

Study Dewey B. Larson’s metaphysical work, Beyond Space and Time, for more details.  Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself.



January 7, 2015

Record Breaking Outburst from “Black Hole”

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What a joke!  According to conventional theory, black holes are not supposed to have any “outbursts”!  But, in the Reciprocal System, black holes do not exist; the observed concentrations of matter are really “white-dwarf” cores.  Novas occur periodically in white dwarfs and white dwarf cores–these are the source of the outbursts of x-rays and gas particles.  Also, in some cases, with high enough energy, resulting from supernovae in the core, galaxies can produce jets of material and, eventually, they can eject groups of stars–the quasars.

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January 6, 2015

Eruptions from Center of Our Galaxy

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From Dewey B. Larson’s The Universe of Motion, p. 370:

“The cores of these galaxies [including the Milky Way] are in the same physical condition as the white dwarf stars and the quasars; that is, their density is abnormally high because introduction of the time displacement of the upper range speeds has reduced the equivalent space occupied by the central portions of the galaxies. In brief, we may say that the reason for the abnormal density in the older and larger galaxies is that these galaxies have white dwarf cores—not white dwarfs in the core, but cores in which the constituent stars and particles are in the same condition as the constituent particles of a white dwarf star.”

p. 371:

“On this basis it is estimated that there are about 70 million solar masses within 10 parsecs of the center of the core, and that the density in the innermost volume of 0.1 parsec radius is 100 million times the star density in the vicinity of the sun.274 On first consideration such a concentration may seem incredibly large, but when it is realized that this observed high spatial density is actually a very low density in time, it becomes evident that the observed magnitude is not out of line with other limiting densities. For instance, the density of solid matter at zero temperature and pressure is in the neighborhood of 100 million times the density of the most diffuse stars.  The radiation in the near infrared comes from stars that are moving at upper range speeds (which accounts for their high spatial density), but are composed of particles whose speeds (temperatures) are in the range below unity (which accounts for the thermal character of the radiation). In addition to this type of radiation, there is also a very intense radiation in the far infrared, a nonthermal radiation that “ is presumed to be synchrotron radiation. In the light of the findings detailed in the preceding pages, it is evident that this presumption is incorrect, and that the non-thermal radiation, both the infrared and the associated radio emission, originates from isotopic adjustments in matter that has been accelerated to upper range speeds. The existence of radiation of this nature identifies the Milky Way galaxy as one that has a good start toward the build-up of matter with speeds in the upper ranges which will eventually lead to the kind of a gigantic explosion that ejects a quasar.”

The eruptions reported in the story are simply leakage of this high-speed material!

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself!


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