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March 26, 2014

Density Gradient in White Dwarf Stars

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Conventional theorists are puzzled by the inverse density gradient in white dwarf stars. But not those of us who work with the Reciprocal System of theory! From Dewey B. Larson’s The Universe of Motion, p. 178:

“The phenomenon that we are now considering, the existence of helium
atmospheres in certain classes of white dwarf stars, is a more limited example
of the same kind of anticipation of the observational discoveries. Here the
explanation was provided before the need for it was recognized. The essential
feature of this explanation is the inverse density gradient. The existence of this
inverse gradient is not an ad hoc assumption that has been formulated to fit the
observations, in the manner of so many of the “ explanations” offered by
conventional theory. It is something that is definitely required by the basic
postulates of the theory of the universe of motion, and was so recognized, and
set forth in the published works, long before the existence of the helium
atmospheres was reported by the observers, and the need for an explanation of
this seeming anomaly became evident. The 1959 publication stated
specifically that ‘The center of a white dwarf star is the region of lowest

“Once the existence of the inverse density gradient was recognized, the
presence of helium atmospheres in the older white dwarf stars could have been
deduced, independently of any observations, if the investigations had been
extended into more detail. This was not feasible as a part of the original
project, because of the limited amount of time that could be allocated to
astronomical studies in an investigation covering the fundamentals of all major
branches of physical science. The answer to the problem of the helium
concentration was, however, available for immediate use as soon as the
problem was specifically recognized. In the pages that follow, this experience
will be repeated time and time again. We will encounter a long succession of
recent discoveries— some of a minor character, like the helium atmospheres;
others that have a major significance to astronomy—and we will find simple
and logical explanations of these discoveries ready and waiting in the physical
principles that were previously derived from the postulates of the theory of the
universe of motion.”

Obviously the presence of metals in the atmosphere, rather than in the core, of white dwarfs is thus obvious!

Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself.

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