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March 18, 2014

Fluctuations in Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

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The conventional theorists are now jumping to the conclusion that these tiny fluctuations in the CMBR prove “inflation”–the greater than light speed of the expansion right after the alleged “Big Bang.” This is, of course, nonsense. In the Reciprocal System of theory, the CMBR is due to the radiation from the other half of the universe, the cosmic sector. This sector is localized in coordinate time, whereas our sector, the material sector, is localized in coordinate space. The radiation from the cosmic sector is isotropic in our sector, which makes it very nearly homogeneous. But, of course, there will be minor fluctuations in this radiation, just as there are minor fluctuations in the energy output of our own Sun from day to day. The conventional theorists actually believe that all of the mass-energy of the universe was concentrated into a “dot” smaller than the size of an atom right before the alleged “Big Bang.” This is breathlessly illogical! The Reciprocal System posits that the space-time progression is the real cause for the expansion of the universe, not any alleged “Big Bang.” If there were a creation of space-time, radiation, and matter, the original entitities were widely dispersed. Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself.

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