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March 4, 2014

Planets Around Red Dwarf Stars

Filed under: Science — transpower @ 12:43 pm

In conventional theory, stars with the mass of our Sun eventually become Red Giants, which eventually become White Dwarfs, which eventually become Black Dwarfs. In the Reciprocal System, however, stars like our Sun slowly move up the Main Sequence, eventually explode in a supernova, which creates a Red Giant / White Dwarf pair, or a Red Giant / Planetary System. The Red Giant then decreases in size and increases in mass, to become a Red Dwarf. This Red Dwarf then slowly moves up the Main Sequence, and the cycle repeats. Therefore, it is not a surprise to us that there are so many Red Dwarf / Planetary Systems. Half of all stars in our Galaxy are members of binary (or multiple) star systems. The other half are divided between individual stars and solar systems (like ours).

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