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December 9, 2013

Time Travel in the Reciprocal System vs. that in Quantum Mechanics

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In our sector of the universe, the material sector, we travel in coordinate space. In the other half of the universe, the cosmic sector, the observers there travel in coordinate time. So time travel is possible! Motion in coordinate time in our sector does occur at high velocities; this is “time dilation”–the coordinate time adds to the clock time. For speeds between 1c and 2c, the intermediate or transition zone, the motion is in coordinate time–the velocity equation, s/t, inverts to t/s. Outward in time is inward in space, and so atoms in the intermediate region move closer together, changing their space location. This is the explanation for the high densities of white dwarfs, pulsars, quasars, and galactic cores. It’s therefore not possible, in our sector, to go back to the exact same space location at an earlier time simultaneously; likewise, it’s not possible in the cosmic sector to go back to the exact same time location at an earlier space location. The logical contradictions that would ensue if this were possible are therefore entirely avoided by the Reciprocal System.

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