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October 16, 2013

Jet from Galactic Center

Filed under: Science — transpower @ 11:36 am

From Dewey B. Larson’s Universe of Motion, p. 359:

“Smaller amounts of such material escape from other galaxies and from
quasars under special conditions. The giant galaxy M 87, for example,
apparently has a hole in its outer structure through which ultra high speed
matter is escaping in the form of a jet.”

Ultra high speed means between 2c and 3c. This matter will eventually leave our material sector and enter the cosmic sector of the universe, disappearing from view. The center of the galaxy is not a “black hole.” It is a region in which the motion is in time (v = t/s) and the speed is mostly between c and 2c–there is a tail of the probability distribution extending from 2c to 3c–this is the jet which leaves the galactic core.

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