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October 31, 2013

Iron in the Universe

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Actually, no. Atom building is going on all the time within and in between galaxies. The reason for this is the constant influx of cosmic rays from the cosmic (inverse) sector and the subsequent absorption of neutrinos, which increases atomic number. Study the Reciprocal System and prove if for yourself.

October 18, 2013

Nonsense of Gravitational Waves

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So here’s our prediction: no gravitational waves will be found–they are non-existent. Gravitation depends on the space-time concentration of, and space-time separation of, physical existents. Nothing is “transmitted” from one body to another. Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself.

October 16, 2013

Explanation for Temperature of Sun’s Corona

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Here’s one from conventional physics:

And here’s the Reciprocal System explanation, from Dewey B. Larson’s Universe of Motion, p. 274:

“These x-rays arebelieved to originate in the stellar coronas, and it has therefore been concluded
that “ temperatures of a million to 10 million degrees” 228 exist in these
coronas. Here, again, the existence of such temperatures is excluded by basic
thermal principles. Consequently, the x-rays cannot be produced thermally in
these locations. But, as in the galactic situation, the x-ray production is easily
explained on the basis of leakage of intermediate speed matter from the
interiors of the stars, followed by a return to the low speed range in the






Jet from Galactic Center

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From Dewey B. Larson’s Universe of Motion, p. 359:

“Smaller amounts of such material escape from other galaxies and from
quasars under special conditions. The giant galaxy M 87, for example,
apparently has a hole in its outer structure through which ultra high speed
matter is escaping in the form of a jet.”

Ultra high speed means between 2c and 3c. This matter will eventually leave our material sector and enter the cosmic sector of the universe, disappearing from view. The center of the galaxy is not a “black hole.” It is a region in which the motion is in time (v = t/s) and the speed is mostly between c and 2c–there is a tail of the probability distribution extending from 2c to 3c–this is the jet which leaves the galactic core.

October 8, 2013

Nobel Prize in Physics

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The so-called “Standard Model” of particle physics contains 36 quarks and 8 gluons, plus various bosons tying everything together. It is a bizarre mythology. The bosons are “virtual” in that they pop in and out of the vacuum to connect the quarks and fermions together. For instance, virtual photons are said to connect electrically charged atoms and subatoms, weakons (W bosons) explain the “weak” beta-decay, mesons explain the “strong force,” and the Higgs boson allegedly explains the mass of all particles. But this boson is very heavy (supposedly because it’s interaction distance is so small). The LHC at CERN allegedly “discovered” the Higgs boson or bosons this past year, but if one checks the mass it’s easy to see that all they did was create a couple of Cs isotopes. The Reciprocal System is a vastly simpler theory than the so-called “Standard Model.” Here, mass results from the spin of a photon (in subatoms) or from the spins of orthogonal photons (in atoms). There are three possible spins, for the three possible orthogonal axes. The spins are discrete rotational displacements and do not represent angular momenta. Please read Dewey B. Larson’s books and Dr. Ronald W. Satz’s papers at for all the details.

October 1, 2013

Photon + Photon

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The Reciprocal System has maintained for decades that a subatom has one rotating photon, and an atom has two rotating photons, orthogonal to each other. The property of mass comes from spinning photons, not some idiotic “Higgs Boson.” Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself.

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