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September 7, 2013

Powerful Jets Coming Out of Galactic Center

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One of the scientists involved says that the jets are “black hole powered.” Very funny! Nothing is supposed to come out of a black hole! Of course, according to the Reciprocal System of theory, black holes are purely imaginary. Yes, galactic centers are very dense; we say that they have “white dwarf cores.” The jets come from supernovae type II from the stars in or around the core. Galaxies in this condition are self-destructing! If a chunk of stars is blown out, we have a quasar; if not, then we just have the jets. Study the Reciprocal System and prove it for yourself.

Interstellar Wind

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The Sun’s corono constantly loses gas into the solar wind. Most theoreticians believe that stars lose mass with time, whereas theoreticians of the Reciprocal System believe that there must be a net flow of matter into the Sun, so that the Sun moves gradually up the Main Sequence. This implies that the interstellar wind into the Sun must be, on net, greater that of the solar wind out. Larson states the case very clearly in The Structure of the Physical Universe, his 1959 opus:

“In recent years astronomers have begun to appreciate that a downward course is not the only possibility, and it is now generally agreed that the stars within dense dust clouds are acquiring enough material by accretion from the surroundings to more than compensate for the loss of matter by radiation [and coronal mass ejections] and are actually growing hotter and more massive. We thus recognize that the direction of evolution along the main sequence is not necessarily downward as formerly believed; the net movement is the resultant of two opposing factors, the loss of material or its equivalent by radiation and the gain in mass due to accretion. The conclusions of this present work are that the amount of interstellar matter and potential matter is considerably greater than has heretofore been realized and there is a substantial accretion even where nothing more thean the general interstellar haze is present.”

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