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August 16, 2013

Edge of Solar System?

Filed under: Science — transpower @ 1:09 pm

Conventional scientists now think that Voyager 1 has now reached the boundary of the solar system:

Nonsense!  11 billion miles = .00187 lightyears.  According to the Reciprocal System of theory, the gravitational limit of the Sun is 3.6099 lightyears.  This is where we think the Oort Cloud is–currrently there is uncertainty as to where this is, so we cannot verify this deduction at this time.  The Oort Cloud is where the inward gravitational and outward progression forces balance.  The Oort Cloud has the structure of a bubble, exactly as it should, according to the Reciprocal System.  It will be many, many years before Voyager 1 gets to it.


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