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April 18, 2013

Hawking Spouts His Illogical Theories Again

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See Dr. Satz’s paper “The Case Against Modern Physics” at Here’s what actually happened according to the Reciprocal System of theory and its extension to the Metaphysical Realm. The physical realm consists of space-time units, whereas the Metaphysical Realm consists of non-space-time units. The physical universe is cyclical, so we cannot prove a beginning, but we can speculate: having the property of creativity, a portion of the non-space-time units converted itself to space-time units. The original displacements from unit space-time (photons, subatoms, atoms) were widely dispersed, not concentrated; there was no Big Bang. Having all the energy/matter of the universe concentrated into something smaller than an atom is a physical impossibility! There is no “infinite regress” because the Metaphysical Realm is beyond space and time and thus has no beginning. Both the physical realm and the Metaphysical Realm are subject to Aristotelian logic; there are no contradictions anywhere. Hawking’s theory that something can come from nothing is nonsense.

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