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October 30, 2012

The Bell Inequality Problem for Conventional Theories

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“Experiments have already shown that if you want to invoke signals to explain things, the signals would have to be travelling faster than light — more than 10,000 times the speed of light, in fact. To those who know that Einstein’s relativity sets the speed of light as a universal speed limit, the idea of signals travelling 10,000 times as fast as light already sets alarm bells ringing. However, physicists have a getout: such signals might stay as ‘hidden influences’ — useable for nothing, and thus not violating relativity. Only if the signals can be harnessed for faster-than-light communication do they openly contradict relativity.”

Ha Ha Ha.  It never occurs to convential theorists that two particles which are created at the same space-time location and moving away from one another in space are still connected in coordinate time.  Therefore an influence on one can still be an influence on the other–just as the Reciprocal System says.



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