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December 8, 2011

irwolfie- at Wikipedia–A Rabid Believer in the Bizarre World of the Nuclear Atom

Filed under: Science — transpower @ 9:25 am

With a bit of sleuthing, we found the perpetrator of the deletion of the article on Dewey B. Larson from  This individual, who goes by the name “irwolfie-” (and apparently has the e-mail address is Irish, lives in Ireland, and has just a bachelor’s degree in physics and no publications to speak of.  He/she loves the nuclear theory so much that he/she just cannot handle the competition.  The policy of ISUS is, and has been, to go after any and all individuals who are the mind-numbed robots of conventional physics and who unfairly attack Larson or the Reciprocal System.  The Reciprocal System is perfectly rational; modern conventional physics is not.   We suggest that the Institute of Physics, of which irwolfie- is a member, run our proposed modified Rutherford experiment–then we’ll see who’s correct….

ISUS Project:  Let’s find out the name of this piece of Irish dreck and directly confront him or her.  No, it doesn’t mean doing anything illegal or unethical against him or her, it means “having the Talk” about “the facts of reality.”  This individual has aggressed against members of ISUS by taking down the biographical article on Larson and so we have every moral right to go after him or her.  After all, we do believe in tit for tat or reciprocity.  Our goals here are to get an apology and to get the article restored.

Update (03/14/2013):  We found another individual involved in the deletion of the Wikipedia article on Dewey B. Larson:  William M. Connolley.  This guy is also one of those “global warming and Green Party” kooks.  He is not a physical scientist or engineer; he’s a  nothing.  Even the article about him–on Wikipedia–says that he’s been “accused of trying to remove ‘any point of view which does not match his own.'”



  1. His name is Cathal Ó Broin.

    Comment by A — October 16, 2013 @ 6:51 pm

    • Thanks. Now all of us can search for “Cathal O Broin” on the Web and refute any and all of his physics posts. Here’s his location:

      Dublin City University
      Phone No.: 6012
      Room: Physics N202

      Supporters of the Reciprocal System in Ireland or England should visit this guy and have a “talk.” No vioence, please. But, remember, he is mainly responsible for the deletion of the Wikipedia article on Dewey B. Larson.

      Comment by transpower — October 19, 2013 @ 11:52 am

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