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July 30, 2008

Notice of Demotion of Three ISUS Members

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The purpose of The International Society of Unified Science is expressed in its Bylaws as follows (Article II, Section 1):  “The objective of this organization shall be to advance in all ways deemed feasible the Reciprocal System of physical theory as proposed by Dewey B. Larson…”  Unfortunately three ISUS members have decided to promote their own “theories” rather than the Reciprocal System.  Through their posts on various Web sites, they have made it clear (by simple inspection) that they understand neither conventional physics nor the Reciprocal System and so do a disservice to both.  They have shown that they cannot write valid scientific papers or perform proper dimensional analysis.  They misrepresent the Reciprocal System and harm our progress.  As Founder, Chair, and Parliamentarian of ISUS, it’s my duty to make sure that the Bylaws are enforced.  I therefore declare that Douglas Bundy, Bruce Peret, and Phil Porter are demoted from ISUS Members to ISUS Clerks.  As such they may not call meetings, attend meetings, or vote at meetings of ISUS.  As Clerks, they may continue to ship Larson’s books to customers of ISUS–that’s all. 

To all scientists and engineers reading this notice:  Please ignore the Web sites and posts of Douglas Bundy, Bruce Peret, and Phil Porter.  They do NOT represent the work of Dewey B. Larson or the Reciprocal System.

Signed and Sealed,

Dr. Ronald W. Satz

July 29, 2008

Massless Electrons

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Massless Electrons have been found!  They were predicted to be the carriers of electric current way back in 1959 by Dewey B. Larson!  This is another victory for the Reciprocal System…


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